VERISOL®P* (porcine raw material) is made up of pure, natural collagen peptides that have been specifically developed and scientifically proven to provide the highest possible efficacy in human skin, with results showing as soon as after 4 weeks(14,16)

Collagen peptides work by stimulating our skin’s metabolism from within. Consumers who ingest VERISOL®P, can experience noticeably smoother skin (14,15) with a reduction in the depth of their eye wrinkles(16) and improved skin elasticity(14).

Other positive effects of VERISOL®P include improvements in skin surface structure, a reduction in cellulite(15) and faster nail growth with consumers saying that their fingernails were chipping less(17)

When taken regularly, VERISOL®P collagen peptides can visibly reduce the depth of eye wrinkles( 16 )and improve skin elasticity(14 ), as skin starts to gain tone and firmness. This effect cannot be achieved with any topical skin care product because they can only reach the outer layers of the skin(18) – even the effects of the most expensive face creams are short-lived.

There are 3 prominent types of Collagen: I, II and III1. Collagen I and III are the main collagen types located in the skin1. Collagen II is mainly the basis of cartilage2, which makes joints easier to move. Verisol®P has been derived from peptides obtained from type I and III.

Ay additional information required on Verisol® P can be found on the dedicated Verisol® P website:

Why Collagen Skin Booster?

What is the difference and benefits of hydrolyzed collagen vs gelatin or normal collagen?

The difference between hydrolyzed collagen (collagen peptides or gelatin) and non-hydrolyzed (native) collagen is their molecular size, which determines further effectiveness. In this case, the smaller molecules, the better and the smallest ones are collagen peptides. After the whole digestion process, they are small enough to go through intestinal wall, reach  bloodstream and finally skin to stimulate production of procollagen type 1.

Why Nutrients?

Herbalife has used its 40 years experience with nutrients to develop this innovative skin care product. Collagen Skin Booster not only contains collagen peptides with proven science, it is also high in 9 vitamins and minerals that support healthy skin, hair and nails.

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* Verisol® and bioactive collagen peptides are trademarks of Gelita AG



What Is Verisol Collagen?

Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides are made by Gelita AG, a 141-year-old German company. VeriSol®P is a mixture of collagen peptides produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of type I and type III collagen made from porcine. The specific peptides within VERISOL® Collagen have been shown to: Stimulate skin metabolism, improve skin elasticity, improve skin firmness and smoothness.

How does Verisol P Collagen Work?

Collagen peptides work by stimulating our skin’s metabolism from within. The specific peptides of VERISOL® Collagen have particular regenerative benefits for the skin. These Collagen peptides work within the dermal layer of the skin to stimulate Collagen production, and replace Collagen which may have been lost through ageing or environmental factors.

What Are The Benefits Of VERISOL® Collagen?

When it comes to skin, nail and hair health, VERISOL® Collagen is one of the most researched forms on the market. The studies have shown improvements in skin elasticity, wrinkle reduction, a decreases in cellulite and healthier nails and hair:

Higher skin elasticity – In a study of 69 women aged 35 to 55 years, VERISOL® Collagen peptides led to up to 15% higher skin elasticity when compared to a placebo.

Wrinkle reduction – After taking VERISOL® Collagen peptides for 4 weeks, 100 women reported a significant decrease in wrinkles, as well as increasing the Collagen content in the skin by 60%.

Decrease in cellulite – In a study of 105 women who took a daily dose of 2.5g of VERISOL® Collagen peptides for 6 months, the appearance of cellulite was significantly reduced — with first results visible after 3 months.

Healthier nails and hair -After taking VERISOL® Collagen peptides for 6 months, participants in a recent study reported a 42% decrease in cracked and/or chipped nails, as well as improved nail length and growth.